My personal Ships' rating

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My personal Ships' rating

Postby jet » Thu Mar 05, 2015 5:02 pm

My personal Ships' rating (Ships I have sailed with)

Minoan Lines International Patras-Ancona/Trieste/Ravenna
CRUISE OLYMPIA and CRUISE EUROPA both 5-Stars upstairs and 4-Stars Garage
EUROPALINK Ferry 2-Star, toilet upstairs 1-Star never more EUROPALINK
Minoan Lines Domestic Piraeus-Heraklion
KNOSSOS PALACE and FESTOS PALACE both 4-Stars upstairs and 2-Stars Garage
(a long winding staircase)

ANEK LINES International Patras-Ancona/Fusina(Venice)
HELLENIC SPIRIT and OLYMPIC CHAMPION both 4-Stars upstairs and 3-Stars Garage
ANEK Lines Domestic Piraeus-Chania
ELYROS 5-Stars upstairs and 4-Stars Garage
KRITI I and II 3-Stars upstairs and 2-Stars Garage

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