Booking 'Camping on Board'.

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Booking 'Camping on Board'.

Postby Maud » Thu Jan 19, 2017 8:20 pm

Just a quickie, as I know it won't be of importance to many people on this site, but a few will be interested.

Friends of ours who have a house on Andros left it until yesterday to book 'Camping on Board' from Ancona to Patras in April. They have had difficulty getting a place! They were flexible with their dates, as they will be there until there was no 'rush.' Even so, they have had to make numerous 'phone calls, (in Greek, as our friend is half Greek), to get a booking! The French, Italians and and Germans are busily taking up all the spaces are the Belgians! If anyone wants to make a 'booking' for 'Campimg on Board' they would be advised to do it asap! We have found that April going from Italy to Greece, and October....coming back from Patras to Ancona.....are getting more and more difficult.

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Re: Booking 'Camping on Board'.

Postby Tim » Sat Jan 21, 2017 3:42 pm

I suspect this might be less of a problem after we've brexited, Maud. Under the current rules, as non-EU citizens we'll only be able to spend 3 months in any 6 in an EU state. Unless the rules are amended, which seems unlikely. :(


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