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Utilities in Crete & Greece

DEH Electricity and Water

If you are renting long term in Greece you are usually responsible for electricity and water bills. It is not unusual
for utility bills to remain in the owners name and this should save you some expense. Make sure that the property
or apartment you are renting has it's own meter and do a meter reading when you move in, with the owner

If you are buying an existing property, or renting and your landlord requests it, then you will need to change the
bills into your name.


Changing an Existing Connection
To change a bill into your name go to the DEI (DEH) office in your nearest town. They will need to know the name
of the previous occupant or owner. If there is money owed by them you won’t be able to change it until this is

Documents required:
  •    An electricity bill or the supply number of the property
  •    Document proving the Tax Identification Number
  •    Passport
  •    Recent Licensed Electrician Certification  if the previous one has expired, according to the Regulation
    on Internal Electrical Installations (No more than 14 years old for residential property). If it has expired,  
    you may submit a new one within 15 days after the contract signature.
  •   Additionally, for your own assurance, it is possible to need either a copy of the rental contract certified
    by the competent Tax authorities or a copy of the contract of ownership.

A deposit is required against future electricity consumption, plus the cost of reconnection and admin costs.

Don't forget to terminate an electricity supply contract in your name when you move out of rented

New Connection
For a new connection you should apply at the nearest DEH office with the following documents:

  •      An application form from DEI  
  •      A copy of the building permit
  •      A declaration from the civil engineer for the cubic meterage of the building,
  •      Wiring plans, which must be drawn up and signed by a Greek certified electrician.
  •      A form from the tax office
  •      A copy of your passport.

Further information on the DEI website

Cost depends on how far the property is from the nearest supply, if your property is remote and there is no
nearby supply you can incur a huge expense here, as you will have to pay for poles, and possibly even a

DEH  (Electricity Board) Main Offices

Chania – Limni Tsondou,
Mournies, Chania 73300. Tel 28210 70881

Rethymnon – 17 K.Papadaki St.,
Rethymnon 74100. Tel 28310 28919

Heraklion – Chrisostomou 29,
Heraklion 71110. Tel 2810 314700.

Agios Nikolaos - 5 Latous and Anapavseos St.,
Ag. Nikolaos Tel. 28410 22400

Website:  (In Greek & English)

NEW Energy Suppliers
In 2016 the Greek energy market was freed up and there are new players in town, with introductory offers.
Protergia  and Heron

Electricty Bills
Bills are issued and mailed every 2 months, while meter readings are taken only every 4 months, so every
second bill will be an estimate (ΕΝΑΝΤΙ) based on previous consumption - when the meter reading has taken
place a new bill (ΕΚΚΑΘΑΡΙΣΤΙΚΟΣ) is adjusted and issued.

The electricity bill includes charges for local taxes and TV licence (about  15 to 20 Euros per bill).

Click here to see a copy of the electricity bill with explanations in English.

Bill Payment
It is possible to set up a direct debit (pagia entoli) from your Greek bank account or Greek credit card for bill
payment, or you can pay via Greek online banking, or at DEI offices or ΠΡΟΠΟ lottery shops.  Heed the payment
deadline on the bill as they can cut you off without warning if the bill is overdue - 10 to 14 days is usually the
maximum grace period. In case of a delay in receiving your bill – ask! It is your responsibility to contact DEH and
query it; otherwise you could suddenly be cut off or be presented with a bill for hundreds of Euros if you haven't
received one in a while  It is possible to pay a large bill in installments, go to your local DEI office to make



Water is supplied by the local councils and there are water board offices in each local council area.

Existing Supply
To change an existing water supply into your name, go to your local  area office with the meter number and ID.
There is just a small charge for this.

New Supply
Laying of pipes from the nearest mains water supply to your house is your
(i.e. the builder’s) responsibility. The water board will install a meter on your property and connect the supply.  
The greater the distance from an existing mains supply, the greater the cost to you (or the builder) for laying
down the pipes. The water board charges a connection fee of approximately 350 Euros, which includes a new
meter. Apply at your local water board office with the building permit and your passport/ID.


Water bills are normally sent every 2 months, payable at the water board office in your district. If you do not
receive a bill, enquire at the water board office.

Website:  (In Greek & English)

Utilities in Crete
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