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Unemployment Benefit in Crete & Greece

OAED -  the Greek Employment Agency

If you are employed in Greece and your employer has paid IKA contributions (or another National Insurance
such as TAXI  etc.) you will be entitled to unemployment benefit, should you become unemployed, when you
have 2 consecutive years of contributions paid.

Seasonal unemployment benefit can be claimed for a specific period of time only, after the first two years of
(seasonal) contributions have been paid.  Many people with summer employment claim unemployment benefit
each winter (or each summer in the case of  
English teachers )

First time Claims
The insured must have at least 80 working days 'stamps' for each year of the  last two years and this must
include, in the last 14 months at least 125  working days, but not including the last 2 months.

Or the insured must have at least 200 days in the last two years, not  including the last two months.
Subsequent claims
The insured must have at least 125  working days in the last 12 months and not have claimed more than 400
days benefit over the last four years.

How to Claim
To make a claim go to the 'OAED' (Manpower and Employment Organisation)   office within 60 days of
termination of employment , with the following documents.

  • Tax Return E1 for previous year and a photocopy of this

  • IKA (or TAXI etc) statement of  'stamps' paid for previous 2  years.  N.B. It is likely you will not yet have
    received your official paperwork from  IKA, or your other national insurance company, showing the
    number of days work for the current year.  Your local IKA (or other insurance) office can provide a
    printed list.

  • IKA (or TAXI etc)  health book and any dependants health book, plus photocopies of these

  • Passport and a photocopy of passport

  • Official document showing your AMKA number

  • A letters from your employer stating when you finished work - when the business has closed at the end
    of season, or when you were laid off (Apolysei / Απόλυση)

  • An Unemployment Card from OAED

  • New copy of an electricity or telephone bill for proof of address.

  • Proof of income payments for the last three months - usually bank receipts, where your employer has
    paid your salary directly into your bank account

  • A copy of your bank book for a National Bank of Greece (NBG) bank account (of which you must be the
     main account holder). If you don't have one you'll need to open a new account at NBG before applying for

Your papers will be taken and processed and you will be told when to return to sign for your first payment ,
usually 4 to 6 weeks later, and thereafter every two months. The benefit is paid directly into your National Bank
account monthly.

Seasonal unemployment benefit is a standard amount for all claimants; in 2016/2017 the amount is 359 Euros
per month (reduced due to Greece austerity measures by 22% from 461.50 Euros per month, previously) with
a 10% increase for each dependant child.  

EU Wide Unemployment Benefit - EU
Persons who receive umemployment benefit in the United Kingdom or other European country, and move to
Greece in an effort to find work may continue to receive unemployment benefit in Greece from the local
Manpower and Employment Organisation Office (OAED) for a period of THREE months.  They should produce
to their local OAED office (above) form E303, which is issued by their local Benefit Agency in the United
Kingdom or other European country.  They must also register themselves at the same OAED office as
unemployed within 7 days of signing off in their home country.