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Stavros beach
> International Community
Making friends, getting support. There is a
large foreign community in Crete which has
grown rapidly in recent years. Brits in Crete,
ex-pats in Crete. There are a number of
international organizations, for both ex pats
and Greeks,which arrange walks, social
evenings, get-togethers and charity events.
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> Culture Shock
When moving abroad be prepared to
experience culture shock.
Even if you have spent many holidays on
Crete, and think that you know the country
and the people well it can still manifest itself
when you are out of holiday mode and start
living here.                                        
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> Driving in Crete
General information on driving in Crete,
driving licences, MOT / KTEO, road tax and
car insurance
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Settling In
Learning how to get things done, looking for work,
dealing with cultural differences, making friends.
> Working in Crete
Employment opportunities, work in Crete, jobs
in Crete. Summer jobs, tourism, teaching
English and more.
How and where to search for a job in Crete.
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> Business in Crete

Owning a business in Crete, setting up in
business, self employed.
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> Schools in Crete
If you are thinking of moving to Crete with
children their education will be an important
factor affecting you decision of whether or not
to move.
The European School in Heraklion, Greek
school and adjusting to Greek school, Nursery
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Living in Crete
Settling In
Index  > Settling In