KEP Citizen Service Centres

KEP Citizen Service Centres are situated in every municipality of Greece. They are
geared to help citizens through the maze of Greek paperwork, advise which documents
are required for various licenses and permits, and in some cases make an application
on your behalf.

They can give you information on vehicles and licences, IKA, employment and
professional licences, planning controls and Building, marriage licences and more.

KEP offices are generally open 8am to 3pm Monday to Friday and 8am to 2pm Saturday.

Service line: Tel. 1500 and 1564

Website:  Pages in Greek only
English pages can be found on the
Ermis website

For a list of KEP offices in Greece see

Υπεύθυνη Δήλωση N. 1599/86 - Ypevthini Dilosi
Statutory or Solemn Declaration

The Ypevthini Dilosi (pronounced ee- pev-thee-nee  dee-lo-see) form N. 1599/86  is a
form that is frequently required when applying for other documents in Greece. It is
used to make a legal declaration or sworn statement e.g. in the case of applying for a
residence certificate you may be asked to fill one in to declare that you have sufficient
funds to support yourself.
Sometimes you are required to have the form attested and stamped at a police station,
depending which service/department/ official agency you are dealing with, otherwise
you (or the clerk) just fill in the form and you sign it.

Download in English Form N. 1599/86
Download in Greek Form N. 1599/86

The Greek version must be used,  this can be typed into and printed off.  The English
version shows you what to put where.  
Thanks to Warwick Gibbons for supplying the electronic forms.

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