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Red Tape
Finding your way around Greek bureaucracy.
The guide to residence permits, tax, AFM tax number,
National Insurance, IKA, unemployment benefit, importing a car.     
> Residence Permit / Resident Certificate

Greece Residency rules for EU citizens. Adeia paramonis, adeia diamonis.
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> Tax & Tax Number AFM

One of the first things you should do when you decide to settle in Greece, or buy property, is
register for a Tax number
(A.F.M.).  Income tax information.
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> National Insurance/IKA

Reciprocal Health Care - IKA Insurance for EU citizens. Working & Paying IKA Insurance.
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> Unemployment Benefit

Unemployment benefit in Crete and Greece.
Seasonal workers claim. OAED.
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> Importing a Car

EU citizens are free to circulate in Greece in their EU state registered car for six months
without customs controls. After six months the car must be re-exported or cleared through
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> Resources and Downloads
Living in Crete
Red Tape
Traffic in Crete village
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