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Greek Name Days
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January 1st     

January 7th            

January 17th         

February 17th        

March 17th            

March 25th            

April 6th                

April 23rd
or first
Monday after Easter
Sunday. In 2016 May

May 5th                 

May 21st                

June 29th                

June 30th               

July 31st                 

August 15th            

August 30th            

September  17th      

September 29th       

October 26th           

November 8th         

November 25th

November 39th       

Dcember 6th            

December 9th          

December 15th

December 25th        

December 26th        

December 27th

Yiannis,  Yianna

Antonis,  Antonia

Theodoros, Theo

Alexis, Alexios

Evangelos, Vangelis, Evangelia, Eva

Eftyxis, Eftyxia

Georgos, Yiorgos, Georgia

Irini, Rena

Konstandinos, Kostas , Eleni

Petros, Pavlos

Apostolis, Tolis   

Josef , Syphi

Maria, Panayiotis


Sofia, Agapi


Demetris, Dimitra






Eleftherios, Eleftheria

Christos, Manolis, Manolia

Manolis, Manolia

Stephanos, Stephania
Name Day Dates in Greece
for some of the most popular Greek Names:
Greek Name Days
Name Days are celebrated in Crete and Greece, as opposed to birthdays.
Orthodox Greek name days are the feast days of saints. Children are usually
named after one of the Christian saints and so celebrate their nameday on
their namesake's saints day.

It is the custom for the person celebrating their Name Day to host a party or
dinner, and treat his friends and family. Take note  -  if it's your birthday
don't expect Greek friends to treat you to a drink , it is the custom for you
to treat them!

Villages also celebrate their church's Name Day. For example a St. Mary's
church  (Maria)  will have a Name Day on 15th August - the village festival
(Panayiri)  will usually start on the eve of the Name Day, in this case the 14th
August, and run for 2 nights with food and drink, live music and dancing in
the village square or taverna.
Index  > Greek Life > Name Days
Georgioupoli beach
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