Two dead and six castaways found southwest of Chania
13 September 2014

Six castaways were found by crew members of cargo ships 150 nautical miles southwest of
At 2.50 a.m., they informed the Operational Control Room of  the Ministry of Shipping and a Super
Puma helicopter reached the area and took the castaways -four men, a woman and a child- to the
115 Combat Wing in Akrotiri.

Two ambulances took them to the General Hospital of Chania. Their health condition is serious,
having hypothermia, meanwhile the small child is in critical condition and is hospitalized in the
Intensive Care Unit.

At the same area, rescue team found two dead bodies -an elderly man and another child- floating
in the sea.

It is considered that they all were passengers in a ship carrying illegal immigrants, may be the
same one carrying 20 of them who were found Friday morning at Messara, Heraklion (see

German Tourist Found Dead in Kato Zakros Gorge, Crete
9 September 2014

A 51-year-old German tourist who went missing on Monday evening, was found dead in the area
of Kato Zakros of Sitia in Crete, Greece.

The unfortunate woman was found by Greek rescue forces on the gorge slope of Kato Zakros. Her
body was recovered and transferred to Heraklion for an autopsy.

The 51-year-old was vacationing in Crete, as she had done over the recent years. On Monday,
she left home, leaving a note saying that she was tired of life.

Her relatives alerted the Greek Police of her disappearance and search efforts began on Monday
night. Eventually, the woman was found dead today in the gorge of Zakros.

Over 2000 drivers snapped speeding on National Road
07/09/2014 Apokoronas News
The first of the 2000 speeding offences recorded by the speed cameras on the National road will
reach the offenders mailboxes by the end of September. In an interview with Radio Kriti the officer
in charge of the speed control unit in Rethymnon, Christos Papadakis, confirmed that over 2000
offences have been recorded since 12 June when the cameras came on line. The 33 working
cameras (five have been damaged) work around the clock recording cars travelling in excess of
the 50 or 60 km per hour speed limits on the national road. According to Mr Papadakis the
majotity of the fines issued were for speeds exceeding the limit by 30 or more km, which carry the
maximum penalty of 350 euro. The process of issuing a ticket takes over six weeks, Mr Papadakis
added “as the data sent in to the control centre by the camera needs to be processed and the
driver then needs to be identified

Magnitude 5.7 quake strikes north of Crete
29 August 2014 Chania Post
A magnitude 5.7 earthquake was noted at 6.45 a.m. Greek local time on Friday in the sea region
in the southeast Peloponnese, 120 km east of Sparta.
The quake was of long duration, of around 15-20 minutes, and was felt in areas around Greece,
including Athens. (First estimations showed a magnitude 5.8 earthquake)

The earthquake had an estimated focal depth of 10 km.

Three minutes later, more seismic activity rocked the same area with a 4.7 quake. At this moment
no damage has been reporte

Hiking tragedy in Sfakia: second French tourist found dead in Anopoli
25 August 2014 Chania Post
The husband of the 62 year old French woman, who was found dead on Sunday morning was
also found dead on Monday morning, close to the small church of Agia Ekaterini in Anopolis,
Sfakia. 64 year old French was found 700 meters away from his wife.
It seems that he tried to go higher to call for help by his mobile phone, but he was also injured
and died a few minutes later.
Both of them were found by firemen of the 3rd Disaster/Emergency Response Special Unit from

French Tourist missing in Crete Found Dead
24 August 2014 ANA - MPA
A French tourist who had been missing with her partner since Friday in southwestern Crete,
Greece, has been found dead, authorities said.

The body of the 62-year-old was found on a steep trail about 3km from the village of Loutro, in
the Sfakia region, where she was last seen.

A coroner has been called to the scene, while the search continues for the woman’s 64-year-old

The tourists left their rented room in Loutro to go hiking in the Aradena Gorge on Friday.

The owner notified the authorities after noticing they had not returned on Saturday.

60% of Greek civil servants can't  use a computer
22 August 2014
The majority of Greek civil servants cannot write on a computer and are unable to send a simple e-
mail according to new data released by the government.

Greek daily “Ta Nea” reports that 60% of civil servants are not even able to write a text on the
computer, while a similar proportion are unaware of the potential of the Internet.

64% of staff do not use email and rely on the traditional way of distribution of handwritten

In addition, according to the data only one in four civil servants have a good command of English.
5.3% speak and write French and only 3.3% German.

Commenting on the figures, Minister for Administrative Reform Kyriakos Mitsotakis admitted that
the profile of public employees does not meet the needs of modern times, adding that next goal
for the Greek government is to make the civil service more efficient.

According to official figures, the number of civil servants in Greece is 583,338.

Fifteen people drowned in Greek waters over last four days
17 August 2014 ekathimerini

The number of people who drowned across Greece since Friday rose to 15 on Sunday after a 50-
year-old man died in the area of Peroulia, near Koroni in the Peloponnese, according to
information released by the Greek coast guard.

The man is believed to have set off in a dinghy with his 6-year-old daughter earlier in the day
before his body was discovered by a passing boat. The child was subsequently located safe and
sound in the dinghy by swimmers in the area of Aghia Triada and was taken to a local hospital for

Meanwhile, among those who drowned across the country in the last few days was a 90-year-old
man who died off the coast of Politika on the island of Evia on Saturday, a 65-year-old man whose
body was located off Aghios Andreas in Messinia, a 77-year-old man near the village of Benitses
on the Ionian island of Corfu, and a 69-year-old foreign national off the coast of Rethymno, Crete.

“The ultimate picture of shame” Heraklion Airport
14th August 2014 Chania Post

The president of SETE (Greek Association of Tourism Businesses), Mr. Andreas Andreadis, was at
Heraklion Airport on Wednesday night and felt what thousands of tourists are feeling every day…
the summer heat because of the lack of air conditioning.

As he posted on Twitter… “I am in the departure lounge of Heraklion Airport. Sweaty tourists, no
air conditioning, garbage everywhere! The ultimate picture of shame.”

After a few minutes, he respond to a comment by twitting… “We cover vast weaknesses, we can’t
do everything. Unfortunately, public sector is the ultimate incapable operator”.

Tax clearance & ENFIA  mess grows by the day
13th August 2014 ekathimerini
he Finance Ministry is unable for the time being to provide a solution to the major problem
regarding the freeze in the issuing of tax clearance certificates to property owners.

The problem arose after the fiasco over the new single property ownership tax (ENFIA), which
was unveiled last week and caused an uproar due to erroneous data having been used in the
calculations. The ministry has rolled back the first ENFIA installment payment date to the end of
September, in hopes of correcting most of the errors by then. However, this means that tax
clearance certificates cannot be issued until the errors are corrected and the tax paid.
Additionally, any income tax rebates will be withheld and cleared against the ENFIA installments.

Fines for illegal holiday lets
12 August 2014  
Apokoronas News

The first fines of unlicenced holiday home short term lets to tourists were  issued at the end of
July to owners of villas who illegally rent their properties. Some of the fines are said to be over
,000 euro,  far less than the cost of obtaining a EOT licence under the new ‘simplified
regulations’  that the ministry of tourism brought into force earlier this year.

Three former PASOK ministers, Mr Pangalos, Mr Papakonstantinou and Mr Ragousis,  have already
taken advantage of the simplified new regulations and have obtained an EOT licence in order to
legally let their island holiday homes to supplement their income. Amongst  the first properties to
to draw the attention of the ministry’s task force of inspectors were villas in Santorini advertised
on a holiday lets website for rentals of over 400 euro a day.

The government estimates that the lost revenue to the treasury from illegal tourist lets exceeds
30 million euros.  The ministry of tourism inspectors are checking through holiday websites to
identify possible infringements of the short term lettings regulations. The inspectors are expected
to check properties on other popular destinations like Mykonos and Crete in the next few months.

52 year old Briton arrested for taking pictures of young girls on the beach
11 August 2014 via cretalive

A 52 year old Briton has been arrested in Hersonissos, Heraklion, because he was taking pictures
of young girls at the local beach.
The father of a little girl who was playing in the beach area saw him, got up from his sunbed and
tried to ask him what he was doing.  But, the 52 year old Briton ran away.

The little girl’s father called the police and a few minutes later the Briton had been arrested.

All photos in his camera are shocking. As reports, he captured a lot of photos of small
girls with or without their swimsuits. Also, many photographs were taken at other locations, apart
from the beach.  Police are investigating the case very carefully.

Tender for oil drilling targets sector’s giants
10 August 2014 ekathimerini

The international tender issued by the government last week for oil drilling in 20 areas in the
Ionian Sea, Western Greece and off Crete, contains terms that can only be met by very large oil
companies. Environment and Energy Ministry officials confirmed that these terms result from a
targeted strategy to attract oil giants, mainly dictated by the great depths of the areas to be
The tender is expected to begin six months after its publication in the official gazettes of Greece
and the European Communities. Small and mid-sized companies may participate in consortia led
by very large operators, which include Greece’s Hellenic Petroleum and Energean.

The tender provides that the Greek government will receive 4 percent of the quantities of the
hydrocarbons produced either in money or in kind, plus a 20 percent income tax. The investor will
also pay a 5 percent regional tax. The operating period is 25 years (with an option for two five-
year extensions) and will commence with the announcement of the discovery of commercially
viable deposits.

Body found in search for missing Denbigh man Arthur Jones in Crete
4 August 2014 &

A body has been found in the search for missing Denbigh man, Arthur Jones.

The former soldier was on a hiking holiday on the Greek island of Crete.

He had not been seen since June 19.

There has been an extensive search of the island for him including friends and family members
travelling to the island.

Two of Mr Jones daughters and their sons are in Crete at the moment to help with the search.

Reports emerged this morning that the Greek authourities had found a body that they believe is
Arthur Jones.

Mr Jones’ son, Jeff, said: “They think they’ve found him.”

Mr Jones’s cousin Colin Hughes who is a county councillor in Denbigh said: “A body has been
found matches Arthur’s description. We are waiting for DNA verification. Family and friends have
been told. The family are gathering their thoughts and a statement will be issued soon.”

Local Greek reports state that police are almost certain the body is that of missing 73 year old
Arthur. A local father and son made the grim discovery this morning when they were collecting sea
salt from the rocks at Agios Pavlos in Rodopou. The body has been taken to Hania hoospital for
formal identification and an autopsy will be performed but there is no suspicion of foul play.

French tourist dies after falling off balcony in Crete
28 July 2014 ekathimerini

A 45-year-old French tourist vacationing in Iraklio, Crete, with her husband died on Sunday after
falling off the third-floor balcony of the hotel the couple was staying at, the state-run Athens-
Macedonia News Agency (AMNA) reported.
The woman was taken to a local hospital, where her death was confirmed.
According to the AMNA police are investigating the possibility that the 45-year-old committed
suicide and that her death was not the result of an accident

USA is looking to create new base for UAV drones in Crete
28 July 2014 Chania Post

According to exclusive information made available to To Vima, USA has asked the Greek
government for the permission to place a number of UAV drones on Crete for a period of six to
twelve months.
The information suggests that talks on the critical matter began in January, with the American
side pressuring the Greek government to transfer the drones by early June – no agreement has
been reached. The drones are part of the American strategy in tackling the rising terrorism in the
Middle East and surrounding areas.
While the Greek government has had a close relationship with the USA, Prime Minister Antonis
Samaras, the government Vice President Evangelos Venizelos and the Minister of National
Defense Dimitris Avramopoulos have been hesitant to come to an agreement.
Aside from their fear of Greece potentially becoming a target for extremist groups, the
government is keen to negotiate what it will receive in return. Military cycles have suggested that
Greece is interested in receiving technical assistance, or may even receive surplus UAVs in order
tackle illegal immigration.

Sifis the crocodile becomes Environment Ministry's problem
25 July 2014 ekathimerini

The task of trapping and relocating a 3-meter crocodile living in a lake in Rethymno, Crete,
belongs under Greek law to the Environment Ministry, the island’s Deputy Regional Director Maria
Lioni said Friday.
Despite having help from experts, local efforts to trap the reptile, known as Sifis, after it was
spotted by forest rangers at the Potami dam on the Amari plain in June have failed.
Lioni told a meeting of island authority agencies that any further attempts will have to be
coordinated by the ministry and adhere to the Convention on International Trade in Endangered
Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITA). She also rejected suggestions that the crocodile remain in
the lake as a local attraction.

PPC to look into death of disabled customer in Chania
24 July 2014 ekathimerini

The Public Power Corporation (PPC) launched an administrative inquiry on Thursday into why
electricity supplied to the home on Crete of a quadriplegic customer on life support was cut,
resulting in the woman’s death about an hour later.
PPC issued a statement on Thursday afternoon saying that it did not know the woman from Hania
was reliant on medical equipment to keep her alive before disconnecting her from the grid due to
unpaid bills of a reported 237 euros. The company said that she was not one of some 650,000
people who have been placed on a list that protects them from disconnection, nor was she
included in a list of the 5,874 PPC customers that are on life support.
The power firm said that it would investigate the incident after the woman’s son told Skai TV that
the family had applied for special status but had not received any acknowledgement from PPC.

Activists launch flotilla against Syria chemicals
24 july 2014 ekathimerini

Nearly 40 activists from Greece and Italy plan to launch a flotilla from the port of Hania on Crete
on Friday to protest the decommissioning of Syria’s chemical weapons stockpile in the sea south
of the island.
During a press conference in Hania on Thursday, organizers said their aim was to approach the
US-owned Cape Ray, which is carrying vast amounts of nerve agents and mustard gas handed
over to the international community by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. The activists, who will
set sail on three boats, expect to cover a distance of about 200 nautical miles in about 28 hours.
The campaign has received backing from local government officials. In comments on Thursday,
Sfakia Mayor Pavlos Pollakis urged activists to “shout out their opposition to the dangerous
experiment taking place at the expense of the Mediterranean Sea and the lives of its people.”

Taxi owners want to stop Chania airport to Rethymnon bus service
17 July 2014 Apokoronas News

he Taxi owners association of Chania has appealed to the department of decentalised
administration in Athens  in an attemt to reverse the decition of the deputy governor Voulgarakis  
to approve a bus service between Chania airport and Rethymnon town.  The taxi owners are
disputing the legality of Mr Voulgaraki’s  decision arguing that the bus service is illegal (?) and
that  it will damage their business. The service will continue as usual until a decision is taken by
the new permanent secretary of the ministry, Mr Rokadakis.

A new  regular bus service connecting Chania airport with Rethymnon  started on Monday 30
June, costing 6.80 euro for a single journey. The service runs from 4:30 to 23:00.

North Wales Police to fly to Crete in search for missing pensioner Arthur Jones
6th July 2014
A  team of experts will travel to the Mediterranean island on Sunday to assist the Greek
authorities in their efforts to find 73-year-old Arthur Jones, missing in Crete

Detective Chief Inspector Gareth Evans, of St Asaph CID, will be flying out along with missing
person co-ordinator Mark Owen and chair of the North Wales Mountain Rescue Association Phil

Deputy Chief Constable Gareth Pritchard said: “We are pleased to be able to provide support to
the Greek authorities and will be sending officers who have vast experience in dealing with
missing person inquiries and searches.

“They will fly to Crete on Sunday where they will meet up with representatives from the
Consulate, Foreign & Commonwealth Office and the head of the Chania Police.”

North Wales Police said the family of the retired scaffolder are “very grateful” for the officers’

Arthur hasn’t been seen since June 19 - two days after he arrived on the island.

Despite a substantial search and widespread appeal, local police told his family they’re “mystified”
by his disappearance.

The father-of-four is a very keen walker and it is thought he might have gone to the hills in the

His son Jeff Jones, who is in Crete to help with the search, has expressed concerns of “foul play”
over his father’s disappearance.

He said: “Some things aren’t adding up, it seems like foul play. Not one person to have seen him,
it doesn’t make sense.”

The British Ambassador to Greece has visited the family and Prime Minister David Cameron vowed
this week in Parliament to do “everything” to ensure Mr Jones is found.

Friends and family have meanwhile held a candlelit vigil in Denbigh to demonstrate their concern
for the Jones family. Around 400 people, including the mayor, came out to pray for the his safe

People have also been using social media in their droves to raise awareness of Arthur’s

Hundreds of users of the social media site are tweeting #FindArthur while many more Facebook
users are sharing a missing poster with pictures and information about the pensioner.
Anyone on holiday in the area recently who remembers seeing Arthur is urged to contact the
Police on 101, or the Missing Abroad Operations Team on 02070 475060.

Crocodile spotted taking a dip into a lake in Crete
4 July 2014
“At first we thought it was a practical joke...” - Authorities begin searching for mysterious reptile

According to the news portal, two firemen reported a crocodile diving into a lake during
their patrol near a river dam in Crete. The local Director of Transportation and Plumbing Works .
Vangelis Mamagakis stated that the two firemen saw the two-meter crocodile moving along the
shore before plunging into the lake.

“At first we thought it was a practical joke, but as soon as we realized that they were reliable
witnesses, we began investigating” Mamagakis continued. An investigation is about to begin, in
order to confirm the existence of the reptile and whether it is the only one.

Mr. Mamagakis believes that the crocodile may have been kept as a pet at a home or by a visiting
zoo and was subsequently abandoned.

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