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Heraklion coast guard alarmed by numbers of drownings in Crete
31st August 2016 /
The  worrying increase in the numbers of deaths by drowning in Crete which have so far in the summer season
reached 27  was one of the issues the chief coast guard officer in Heraklion raised with the  shipping minister
during their meeting.  The increase was greater in the prefectures of Chania, Lasithi and Rethymnon while in
Heraklion the numbers showed a small decline from last year.

The minister, Mr Dritsas responded by saying that there are plans to minimise the number of accidental deaths in
the sea in the whole of Greece. The programme includes better education for the young  and practical swimming
lessons. As this is a long term plan, Mr Dritsas suggested that local businesses make a contribution in supplying
better information to customers and by meeting some of the costs of extending the life saver’s services on popular
Making Greece a movie destination
3rd September 2016 ekathimerini
The Greek Tourism Ministry has revealed an ambition plan to
transform popular tourist destinations in Greece into film sets for
international movie producers.

Some 40 million tourists annually select their holiday destination
on the basis of where a particular movie was made, according to data
from the Tourism Ministry.

IOBE research suggests that films produced in Greece have had a
positive impact on the economy, citing the case of “Captain Corelli’s
Mandolin,” filmed on Cephalonia in 2001, which boosted the island’s hotel reservations by 14 percent. To this end,
the ministry has created a working group to figure out ways to facilitate foreign producers who want to film in
Greece. The aim is to hammer out the legal framework that would provide incentives to attract foreign production

The working group is also examining ways to make it compulsory for foreign productions to make use of Greek
Major oil reserve of 80-100 mln barrels discovered off Patra coast
25 September 2016 ekathimerini
A significant oil reserve in the Patraikos Gulf near Patra, on a par with that at Prinos off Thasos island, has been
confirmed by a study of seismic surveys conducted by Hellenic Petroleum, which is about to be completed in the
coming weeks in London.

This reserve concerns extractable oil quantities of 80-100 million barrels, while the ongoing processing of the high-
definition surveys is looking to establish whether the seabed off the western port city is indeed holding Greece’s
second major oil reserve, as indicated by geological findings.

It is noted that revenues for the Greek state from every 100-million-barrel reserve are estimated at 300 million
euros per year (or about 0.2 percent of gross domestic product) over 25 years.

With the first encouraging results at hand, Hellenic Petroleum has already started making plans for the first
drilling, which is very likely to be done in cooperation with a major multinational.

According to Kathimerini sources, unofficially confirmed by Hellenic Petroleum officials, major market players
have expressed their interest in the Patraikos Gulf area, such as Exxon Mobil, Shell, BP, Total and Repsol, with the
first deal expected within 2017
Farmers receive ten-year prison sentences for arson in Crete
22nd September 2016 tomos news via
Two Greek farmers who were found guilty of arson by the Felony
Appeal Court of Crete have received ten-year prison sentences for

According to the court, the two farmers were responsible for a major fire
that broke in the Platanes community in the municipality of Agios Vasilios
near Rethymno on the 28th of July in 2011, which burned over 30,000
acres of trees.
Crew of British warship recovers body of dead woman
17th September 2016 ekathimerini
Crew aboard the British warship HMS Diamond recovered the body of a woman off the southern coast of Crete and
handed it over to local authorities, the coast guard said in a statement on Saturday.

The body of the woman, who was of medium height and aged between 30 and 40, was found some 96 nautical miles
south of Palaiohora on September 11, according to the announcement, which added that the corpse was in “an
advanced state of decomposition.”

It remained unclear whether the body belonged to a person reported to be missing or a would-be migrant.
British police seeking Ben Needham on Kos find items of 'slight interest'
27th September 2016 ekathimerini
British police searching for Ben Needham, who went missing on the island
of  Kos 25 years ago at the age of  21 months, said on Tuesday that they have
found items of "slight interest",  including fabric and bones believed to
belong to a dog or other animal.

Officers aim to establish whether the fabric found might be pieces of the
clothes Ben had been wearing when he disappeared on the island on 1991.

The new line of inquiry by the South Yorkshire Police suggests the 21-month-old may have died near a farmhouse
his grandparents were renovating in July 1991.

Konstantinos Barkas, also known as Dino, was working an excavator close to where Ben was playing on the day he
disappeared and may be responsible for his death, a friend of the builder allegedly told police.
Education Minister Filis: No plans to separate Church and State
0 October 2016 protothema,gr
Speaking to Skai TV, Education and Religious Affairs Minister Nikos Filis said the
government had no plans to hold a referendum on the separation of Church
and State. He continued by stressing that even though he shared the opinion of
70% of citizens who, according to surveys, were in favour of the separation of State
and Church, he noted that it was not included on the party’s agenda, citing what
Greek PM Alexis Tsipras had stated in his speech on the institutional reform
during summer. Filis avoided commenting on the recent statements made by the head of the Greek Orthodox
Church, Ieronymos, who had said that the Church would not surrender orthodoxy and the country, simply
expressing his respect to the Church institution.
Man, 22, gets two life terms for brutal murder of 71-year-old
13th October 2016 ekathimerini
A court in Iraklio on Crete on Thursday handed two life sentences to a 22-year-old Bulgarian national after finding
him guilty of the brutal murder of a 71-year-old man in the village of Moires in August last year.

Police found the 71-year-old butchered in his bed and subsequently arrested the 22-year-old and a youth who
were charged with breaking into the elderly man’s home in order to rob him.

The 71-year-old was found to have been stabbed 57 times.

It remained unclear whether the 22-year-old had an additional motive apart from robbery for the vicious attack.
Student falls from second floor of Chania Marine academy
9th October 2016 ekathimerini via

An 18-year-old student at the Merchant Marine Academy of Crete was in critical condition on Tuesday after
plunging from the building’s second floor.
It was not clear why or how the incident occurred, and a probe has been launched.
The student from Athens was attending engineering courses at the academy in the area of Souda.
Crete University research gives hope to ALS, Alzheimer’s and multiple sclerosis sufferers
8th October 2016
Ground-breaking research carried out by the University of Crete medical School Pharmacology Professor Achilleas
Gravanis in Greece gives hope to sufferers of neurodegenerative diseases.

he research focuses on a new types of synthetic substances called microneurotrophins used to protect tissue from
decline by mimicking the protective and regenerative properties of the natural  larger molecule neurotrophins in
the brain cells.

Naturally occurring neurotrophins play a key role in the development and protection of brain matter from birth
until the depths of old age but are sometimes prevented from crossing  the blood-brain barrier that protects the
brain from toxins in the environment leading to neurodegenerative disorders.

Unlike the naturally occurring  cells which are blocked by the brains natural defenses  the much smaller synthetic
alternatives are able to cross the blood brain barrier.

This breakthrough research could help  ALS, Alzheimer’s and multiple sclerosis sufferers .

The research is taking place at the University of Crete School of Medicine, the Foundation for Research and
Technology Hellas (FORTH) in Heraklion where Gravanis is working as a researcher at the Molecular Biology and
Biotechnology Institute and the National Hellenic Research Foundation in Athens