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Living in Crete
General Info
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General Information
Weddings in Crete, bereavement, wills, Crete travel, photographs, links to Crete and
Greece websites.
> Weddings in Crete
Getting married in Crete & documentation.
Cretan wedding etiquette and traditions.
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> Bereavement in Crete
Practical information - deaths involving
non-Greek Nationals.

Cultural information - funerals and etiquette,
and a personal story of  bereavement.  
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> Wills
General information on Greek wills.
Many different opinions have been expressed,
often by different lawyers, and there has
never really been a clear answer as to the
best way to proceed. One reader's experience
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> Photographs
Photographs of Crete
Living in Crete
> Crete Travel
Travelling to and from Crete, flights, low
cost airlines, ferries. Villas and holidays in
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> Crete Beaches
Blue Flag beaches in Crete

> Battle of Crete
The Battle of Crete,  20th May 1941.
Commemorative events take place yearly to
mark the Battle of Crete - in Chania,
Heraklion & Rethymnon.
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> Links  
Crete and Greece links to useful websites
and information. General, practical and
residents' websites.
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> Updates
Updates and links to updates for changes to
the Living in Crete book since publication in
October 2006 & March 2007.
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Index  > General Information