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Brexit - UK Citizens Living in Greece
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BREXIT  & UK Citizens Living in Another EU Country

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BREXIT  & UK Citizens Living in Greece or Another EU Country

The following is part of the Draft Withdrawal Agreement and will apply ONLY in the case that a deal is reached between
the UK and the EU.

How will Brexit affect the rights of UK citizens Living in Greece?

The following is a BREXIT Q & A session with the British Ambassador to Greece, Kate Smith CMG on 20th December 2017 on

N.B.Text in bold or in red is my emphasis.

Rights to Living & Working in Greece

Will we need to get a living permit NOW or do anything else so that we are legally living in Greece or are we OK just with our
The current rules are that all UK nationals resident in Greece should apply for a registration certificate - see  whatever their status. Probably a good idea to do this now, even
while we're awaiting further details about possible changes to the system.

Can we still continue to work and live in Greece? What will be our legal status here?
Until the UK formally leaves the EU in March 2019, UK nationals in Greece retain existing rights and status. And under the deal reached last  
week with our EU partners, UK nationals in Greece now will able to continue to live their lives broadly as before.
The UK has announced that it will bring in a new registration system for EU residents in the UK.
It will be up to the EU and its Member  
States to decide how to implement the deal for UK nationals –
ie whether they will require a similar approach and require
applications, or continue with the current “declaratory” system.

If the Greek government opts to make us apply for a new status rather continue the current system, can you tell us what the  
process will involve. We already have ‘permanent residence’ permits on the old paper/card. Would the new status be for life?
Yes. The deal on citizens rights assures your continued ability to live in Greece broadly as you do now.. We will post more information on  
these channels as we get it.

Are you aware of any issues or problems that could be detrimental to us living in Greece post Brexit?
We've agreed a deal that guarantees that your rights as residents in the EU will be protected, and you will be able to receive healthcare  
rights, pension and other benefits as you do now.
I know there are some issues still to be concluded, such as how Greece will  
manage the registration process, and the issue of onward movement.
We want to get certainty on these issues which will be a top
priority when negotiations restart.

I am a Brit living in Greece for 14 years. I have read that EU 27 countries will have the option to adopt the more stringent UK  
proposal of applying for a new status (with criminality checks etc) OR continue with the current EU system which certifies our
rights more or less automatically. Do you know please which way the Greek government is likely to lean?
We have only just reached agreement on a deal on citizens rights, but this issue of registration processes is a top priority and it will  
be the first issue we begin discussions on with the Greek Government in the New Year.

I am a British citizen, living in Greece (with a Greek AFM tax and IKA number)...I also have a UK based company. My question is  
if the double taxation agreement currently active will change? Also, will there be a change in the transferring of cash from the
UK to the EU?
The UK's exit from the EU will not change existing double taxation arrangements. I can't think of any reason why there would  be
a change relating to the transfer of cash, but if we hear more we'll share this information.

What are the potential "red" areas we will have to be aware of when managing/owning a UK-based company whilst resident in  
The economic and commercial relationship between the UK and the EU is something we'll be discussing in the next phase of  
We are proposing that access to one another's markets continue as now for a time limited implementation period, which should
help give certainty to business.


Will there be any changes in the existing pension system? Will Brits in EU countries still be able to retire and collect their  
pensions there?
The UK will continue to pay the uprated UK state pension to British nationals living in other Member States at the time of the formal  exit.
This will also apply in future to those not yet at the UK state pension age on the exit date, but who reach it afterwards.

Do we have any idea whether the current EU pension system (whereby all contributions to all member states add up in the  end,
and each country pays its share) will still apply? I have paid in 8 years to France, 18 years to Greece and now 3 years to the UK
with 6 years left till pension age which I intend to pay into the UK.
It’s now been agreed that UK and EU citizens will continue to benefit from coordination of aggregating social security contributions made both  
in the UK and across the EU before and after the date of our exit, as well as the rights that flow from such contributions under EU law such as
the rights to a state pension and any associated healthcare cover.


There are a lot of British living in Greece  who are asking if travelling within the EU will be affected? Is the UK  passport enough
and will they continue to have access to healthcare during temporary visits to EU countries?
The future arrangement regarding the terms of travel for British passport holders has not yet been decided. But if you are in  
Greece at the time of exit and entitled to an EHIC card, you will still be able to benefit from the scheme while you remain in that situation.  That
includes tourists and students, and you will still be able to use your EHIC card when you visit other Member States.
The UK and EU have also now agreed a reciprocal healthcare arrangement, as set out in the Withdrawal Agreement – this means  that
if you’re a Brit resident in Greece on the date we leave the EU, you will continue to benefit from reciprocal healthcare cover on your
existing terms.
Access to services for those arriving in EU countries after exit is something we want to discuss in the next round
of negotiations.


After living in Greece for almost 20 years now will it still be possible - post Brexit, for my elderly father to come and live here  
with me and would he still be able to claim his pension and receive health care?
Yes: close family members, including dependent parents, will be able to join you here after the UK has left the EU. Access to services for  
those arriving in EU countries after exit is something we want to discuss in the next round of negotiations


A matter of secondary concern, for now, will be driving licenses as up to now I and many others have been driving in Greece  
on a UK/EU driving licence.
If you no longer live in the UK, you must exchange your license. It is an offence as explained on the DVLA part of the Gov.UK  
web site


I received a new British passport last year, will I have to get another new passport when Brexit happens ?
The UK passport is a valid travel document issued in accordance with international standards so will remain valid for travel after we leave the  


What happens if there is no deal at the end of negotiations. Will the UK citizens still be treated in the same way in Greece as  
Greek people will be treated by the UK?
We are confident a future partnership between the UK and the EU will be in the interests of both sides. We don't want or expect a no deal  
outcome, or that the agreement on citizens' rights will be re-opened.

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Further Information for UK citizens living in the EU : -

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Following the December 2017 draft agreement between the UK and EU, completed for the first stage of the Withdrawal
a deal for citizens rights (residents) has been agreed.  Many areas are still sketchy, and of course nothing has
yet been signed
off on this deal as binding. 'Nothing is agreed until everything is agreed'.

The Draft Withdrawal Agreement is subject to a Brexit deal of some sort.  In the event of No Deal there is still NO
INFORMATION WHATSOEVER on citizens rights for British living in the EU.
October 2018.