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Brexit - UK Citizens Living in Greece
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BREXIT  & UK Citizens Living in Another EU Country


BREXIT  & UK Citizens Living in Greece & Crete

Greek Government Announcement

26th February 2019
The Greek Government has just launched an online platform with a lot of useful information on EU Exit preparations for citizens and
businesses - see :

15th February 2019.
In a letter to the UK foreign secretary, the Greek government assures the rights of UK citizens living in Greece after 29/3/2019 to those who
are already (legally) resident, based on the withdrawal agreement, or in the case of no deal, rights will be fully recognised and guaranteed,
line with the reciprocity
offered by the UK to EU citizens.

"Our state agencies are working without delay on drafting fast track bills that will be voted in due time before March 29, 2019 and will enable
British citizens and members of their families already living in Greece prior to the date of withdrawal (29 March 2019) to remain in the country
and continue to live, study and work, and enjoy take social security benefits and health care. As far as the latter is concerned, the purpose of
the proposed EU regulation is to draw up a contingency plan in the event of failure to reach agreement, in particular on the co-ordination of
social security systems following UK withdrawal. "

For those who arrive after 29/3/2019 -

"The aim of our national law is also to provide for the categories of citizens who will arrive in Greece after the date of departure (29.3.2019). I
have already consulted my colleagues, the competent ministers, and I intend to make a public announcement soon. "

Link to the full text of the Greek Government letter is


These are the things you should do NOW  based on UK Government advise-

1) Make sure you are legally resident in your host country before 29 March 2019.
The current rules are that all UK nationals resident in Greece should apply for a registration certificate. Get your Greek residency
certificate/card now.
 If you have held a beige EU registration  card for five years the advise is to upgrade to the blue permanent
registration card before Brexit. This may entitle you to more automatic rights.
See Residence/Registration Certificate

2)  Check your passport expiry date
You’ll need to comply with different rules to enter and travel around the Schengen area. There are two important issues that may affect your
right to travel or to live here legally after exit, so it’s really important to start thinking about this now.
Firstly, Schengen Border Code rules mean that existing passports which were renewed early and therefore have over 10 years validity will no
longer be valid until the expiry date written on the passport, but will be limited to the 10 years immediately after their issue date. For example, if
your passport was renewed (under the old rules) 6 months before its expiry date, it would show a valid period of 10 years and 6 months. After
29 March 2019, you will effectively ‘lose’ the last 6 months validity, as third country nationals’ passports must have been issued within the last
10 years. Note: this may affect you even if you don’t travel – in order to remain a legal resident in your host country you need to make sure
that the issue date on your passport is later than 29 March 2009.
Use the UK Gov
passport checker tool to check the validity of your passport.

3)  Change your driving Licence to a Greek one if you have held a residence certificate for at least 185 days .  
Driving Licence Exchange
On 30 March 2019 the EU rules under which UK licences are recognised in the EU27 will lapse if there is no deal and you may need an
International Driving Permit (IDP) to drive on a UK Driving Licence in Greece..  

4) Top up your medication before 29 March 2019.
If you currently rely on an S1 form for access to the local health service and you need regular medication, think about making sure you have a
good supply of it on 29 March 2019 – if the worst happens and the reciprocal health care system stops on that date it might take several
weeks to get an alternative system up and running. Making sure that you have the permitted 3 months of long-term medication would mean
that you’d avoid having to pay full whack for your meds while the situation was resolved.

More on the Brexit checklist  here:


Whatever the outcome of a deal or no deal Brexit, the UK will bring in a new registration system for EU residents in the UK. It will be up to the
EU and its Member  States to decide how to implement the deal for UK nationals – i.e. whether they will require a similar approach and require  
applications, or continue with the current “declaratory” system.


Further Information for UK citizens living in Greece & the  EU : -

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