Practical Information - Deaths involving non-Greek Nationals

Information regarding the practical arrangements you will need to make in the case of a
death in Greece is provided by the British Embassy Athens. Other Nationalities can
obtain help from their relevant Embassy or Consulate.  

Standard procedures, repatriation, local burials, inquests.  
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Cultural Information - Funerals and Bereavement in Crete & Greece

The rituals in a Cretan funeral are influenced by the Greek Orthodox Church and also by
local cultural traditions and etiquette.

A Greek funeral usually takes place within 24 hours of death.   
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Allan's Personal Story of Bereavement in Crete

This page focuses on the problems, feelings and reactions we are most likely to
experience during serious illness and after the death of a loved one. This can be hard
enough when we are in our own native country surrounded by the people we love and
care for. So how much harder can it be when we are in a foreign country away from this
emotional, physical and practical support?     
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There has often been discussion on Living in Crete, and other forums, about how to
deal with inheritance when the deceased is a foreign national but has property in
Greece.  Many different opinions have been expressed, often by different lawyers, and
there has never really been a clear answer as to the best way to proceed.
I thought it might be useful to people if I described my experience. By Warwick Gibbons
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