Battle of Crete
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Battle of Crete

                                   Programme for 2016
                 Updated 7/5/16 - please check back for more updates

Sunday 15 May 2016
11:00 Kandanos / Selinos War Memorial

20:00 Opening of the Exhibition ," THE HUMANITY RESIST : THE CHALLENGE :
THE BATTLE , THE VICTORY  at Gyali Tzamisi at Chania old Harbour .   ( will be
open daily from 10:00 to 22:00 until the 22nd of May ) .

Monday 16 May 2016
18:30 Kissamos Municipality Event (junction Kalliergianon)

Tuesday 17 May 2016
11:00 Sfakia Memorial , monument of the Battle of Crete .

18:30 Gouverneto - Chania Municipality Event

Wednesday 18 May 2016
11:00 ' Iroo Polenta "  at Vrises Apokorona

18:30 Monument of Nea Chora small Harbour at Chania

Thursday 19 May 2016
11:00 5th Cretan Division at Kolimbari .

18:30 Inauguration of Memorial New Zealand - Australian ANZAC  at 42nd
Tsikaliaria St.

20:30 Concert by Navy Band at Firkas fortress, Chania harbour

Friday 20 May  2016
10:00  Firkas Fortress Flag Raising by Maritime Museum  

10:30 Exhibition at Naval Museum .

18:00 Galatas Hill Greek - New Zealand Memorial

20:30 Maori Bacchae Performance and Greek Naval Band , at Firkas Fortress

Saturday 21 May 2016
11:00 Ceremony at Alikianos - Keritis Monument

11:00 R.A.F Memorial at Maleme , Crete Veterans Wreath Laying

15:00 Welsh Memorial , at Galatas , Crete Veterans Wrath Laying

18:00 Souda Bay CWGC Ceremony ( memorial service, laying of wreaths )

20:30 Culture Centre of Chania Event

Sunday 22 May 2016
11:00 Doxology at Metropolitan Church in Chania

13:00 Ceremony at the German War Cemetery, Maleme

19:00 Closing Ceremony at  Maleme Airfield and Air Show by the F-16 Demo
Team ' Zeus '


             Above: RAF Red Arrows display over Chania Harbour May 22nd 2011
                          marking the 70th Anniversary of the Battle of Crete.
                                                See more photos here
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The Battle of Crete,  20th May 1941
The airborne invasion of Crete took place during WWII when German paratroopers landed at Maleme Airport near Chania.

Crete was the scene of the largest German Airborne operation of the war, and the first time in history that an island had been
taken by airborne assault.
Afterwards, Crete was dubbed the graveyard of the Fallschirmjager (German Parachutists); they suffered nearly 4000 killed and
missing in the assault.
It was also the first time the Germans had encountered stiff partisan activity, with women and even children getting involved in
the battle.

Read all about the Battle of Crete at
75th Anniversary of the Battle of Crete - May 2016
This year the Battle of Crete Commemorations will take place between
Sunday 15th May and Sunday 22nd May 2016
Red arrows Chania harbour