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Accommodation in Crete

Short Term Lets - Long Term Lets

There is a good deal of choice for short and long term rental accommodation in Crete, both furnished and

Generally speaking, long term rentals tend to be unfurnished and advertised locally, although some furnished
accomodation is becoming available for long term rent as more foreigners are buying property and renting out
long term, often advertising on the internet.   

If you are thinking of living in Crete you may already have an idea of which area you will choose to live. However,
you may only have visited in the summer months, and you may well find that an attractive village near a small
resort, but far from town, becomes much less attractive in the winter months when everything in the nearby resort
is closed down.

If you are seeking to secure a long term rental over the internet without first visiting the property it's wise to
negotiate a short lease to begin with (perhaps 3 to 6 months), it's difficult to find a completely suitable rental
unseen - there may be 101 factors you don't know about; a nearby busy road, a tiny bathroom, barking dogs or
noisy cockerels, difficult neighbours, a steep uphill walk to the shops, or any number of things. Securing a
shorter rental term will enable you to have a base when you arrive and while you search for your ideal place.  

If you intend to buy property to live in Crete it is a good idea to live in a rented house or apartment first for a
while in the area you are considering, to get a feel for the area, check if it suits your needs, or to give you time to
discover other unknown locations before you commit.

Unfurnished & Long Term Rentals
Long term rents are very reasonable in Crete. Expect to pay around 300 to 450 Euros per month for a 1 or 2
bedroomed  property in Chania, Heraklion and the provinces,  more for larger properties.  Smaller places start at
about 250 Euros per month, depending on the area. Many  long term lets are for unfurnished accommodation,
and electricity, heating and water are
not normally included in the rent.

Deposits of 2 or 3 months rent are normal, but you will get this back when you leave (or the last 1 or 2 months
rent free), assuming there are no damages to pay.

If you sign a rental contract make sure you get it translated if you don't understand Greek.. don't just sign
anything!! Contracts for unfurnished accommodation are usually for 1 or 2 years, but you may be able to
negotiate a shorter term. Usually a month or two notice is required from either party to terminate the contract.

Furnished and Shorter Term Rentals
Some places are available to rent fully furnished and by the month.
Out of season, October to March/April, there is a larger choice as many holiday lets stand empty for these
months and owners are usually willing to rent them, often through agents. Check out the property sites and you
will see that many offer long term lets at fairly reasonable prices. These are usually more expensive than local
unfurnished lets, but they may include heating and electricity. Prices start from around 280  Euros per month for
a small place.

Where to look...

  • Check for for long term rental in the local papers. In Chania the Haniotika Nea newspaper is published
    daily, and in Heraklion the Patris.  However they are only in Greek. You will need someone to translate for
    you and then telephone to enquire if you don't read or speak Greek.  English publications: the weekly
    Athens News - may have the occasional ads for Crete,  plus in Chania check out the CIC monthly
    newsletter (see international community page).

  • Look for For Rent signs - 'ENOIKIAZETAI'  , usually a white or yellow sticker with red writing, posted on
    doors or walls of properties that are for let, and in shop windows.

  • The second hand shop in Chania, "To Pazari", Daskalogianni Street, Splantzia, Chania has a notice board
    with various ads.

  • If you are looking for a winter-only rental (between October/November and March/April) many tourist
    studios/ apartments can be rented for a fairly reasonable price during the winter months (fully furnished
    too). Ask in person on the spot, or check out websites and email in advance.

for Tenants in Greece

For more information on tenants rights contact:

Panhellenic Renters' Protection Association
66 Menandrou St.
Tel. 210-524-6982  

For rent sign in Greek
Rentals in Crete

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