EU nationals have the right to live and work in Greece without a work permit, however EU nationals
staying longer than 3 months are required to obtain a Residence Certificate.

Residence Certificate

The Residence Permit (Adeia Diamonis / Adeia Paramonis) has been replaced by the Residence
Certificate for EU Nationals.

Community legislation provides that every European Union citizen has the right to reside in the host
Member State for a period of up to three months with the only requirement to hold a valid identity
card or passport.
See Right of residence for up to three months

EU nationals also have the right to reside in Greece (or any EU Member State) for more than three
months in which case they must obtain a Residence Certificate, which is subject to the following

•        You have comprehensive sickness insurance cover there; and
•        You have sufficient resources not to become a burden on the social assistance system during
the residence.

After five years of continuous and legal residence in the host Member State you are entitled to
permanent residence

Βεβαίωση Eγγραφής Πολιτών Ευρωπαϊκης Ενοσης   
(Vevaiosi Engrafis Politon Evropaikis Enoseis) -  Residence Certificate
EU nationals staying longer than 3 months in Greece must hold this Certificate
which will be open dated and so there will be no need for it to be renewed, subject to ongoing status

Eγγραφο Πιστοποίησης Μόνιμης Διαμονής Πολίτη Ε.Ε
Permanent Residence Certificate
The Permanent Residence Certificate can be applied for by anyone who wants it for their own  
reasons provided they can show that they have been a permanent resident of Greece for 5 years. It is
also issued to those married to Greek citizens.

How to Obtain the Residence Certificate
Application should be made to the nearest police station in the district that you live, with the following

1)        Passport
2)        Proof of Medical cover (State or private)
3)   Certificate from employer if in paid employment, or proof that you have sufficient resources to
support yourself.
4)   Three photos

See also - the Greek police' website.

NEW EU Member States - No restrictions in Greece
Text from the
Europa website

Greece imposes no restrictions on citizens from the other Member States of the European Union (EU)
with regard to access to the labour market.

Specifically, the barriers limiting the right of entry for the purposes of paid employment of nationals
from the eight new Member States were lifted as of 1 May 2006. By this decision, Greece welcomes all
citizens from the Accession States (Slovenia, Slovakia, Hungary, Czech Republic, Estonia Lithuania,
Latvia and Poland) by giving them equal rights of residence and employment as other EU citizens, in
accordance with the principle of the free movement of workers.

Consequently, as from the above mentioned date, nationals from the eight new EU Member States will
be treated by the Greek authorities, in particular with regard to paid employment, as Community

Non EU Citizens

Non-EU citizens may enter and remain in Greece for up to 3 months. Check with your Embassy
regarding visa restrictions, residence and work permits.

Passports of non EU Nationals must be valid for at least three months after the period of intended
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Residence Certificate
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